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All About Me

Holistic Vocal Coach with a Singer/Songwriter Background

I specialize in two things: helping "would-be" singers and "used-to-be" singers get past internal road blocks to gain a FIRM confidence in their abilities and unlock their creative potential in the most supportive environment ever. Those who thought they could never sing flourish alongside those who thought they lost it long ago and it is such a joy to be a part of their journey. 

My musical journey began as soon as I could hum. My first solo performance was in preschool and I continued singing throughout my school years. I was in State Honor Choir and studied voice at a performing arts High School and continued to study music in college. I performed as a singer/songwriter throughout my twenties and published my own CD "How Do I Fly", a  folk-rock album. I was the female lead singer in a Nerdcore band where I sang pop vocals and rapped--I know! It was so fun. I've also been in music videos and acted on stage throughout my life.


I have dealt with earth shattering performance anxiety that took me away from my dream and ruined my love of singing--but somehow that spark managed to survive years of neglect and reignited as a passion for helping other singers who have lost connection to their voice and long to reclaim it. I have created the Discover & Love Your Vocals course for the soul who longs to discover all that their voice truly has to offer, reach their highest potential, learn and craft who they are as an artist, and fall in love with music and their own voice all over again. 

I was encouraged to create the program I wish I had when I was giving up, and that is exactly what I have done. I teach resilience, excellent vocal technique, ways to overcome anxiety and anything internal that is holding you back from loving your voice again. That is why I call myself a vocal & musical-life coach. I am your coach as well as your teacher, and I hope that I can show you all the strength and beauty you have inside just waiting to get out. I'm excited to take you on that journey! 

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