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You deserve to LOVE your voice and have FUN singing.

My teaching philosophy: Holistic, Kind, & Fun!

What is Holistic Vocal Coaching? 

You have a "Living Instrument". Your mind and body connection impacts your voice in a BIG way. When you are anxious, your voice tightens up and you don't sing as well. As soon as you let that go, your body relaxes and you instantly sound better! This is one example of why it is important to care for your whole self when it comes to singing and that's exactly what I do. I hold a safe space for you to explore your voice, develop your style and learn to sing like you've always wanted to.

Why choose me?

Developing, nurturing and loving your voice is one of the most healing things you can do for yourself. Your voice is a literal part of you, and when you use it, you are giving life to your inner self. My students keep telling me that I am helping them gain confidence in singing AND in showing up authentically in the world.

Give yourself that gift and fall in love with your voice--you deserve it.


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Programs & Courses

Discover & Love Your Vocals -- Reclaim Your Voice

Online program for those who have loved and lost their joy of singing

This is a 12 lesson intensive course with one 90 minute private Zoom lesson each week:

  • Reconnect to your voice 

  • Renew your vocal strength

  • Learn new skills and techniques

  • Develop sincere confidence in yourself

  • Discover and refine your authentic vocal style

  • Overcome personal challenges, setbacks, and performance anxiety

Self Investment: $800/mo. x 3 = $2400


Songwriting for Singers Series

Online Workshop for the beginning to intermediate singer/songwriter

This is an 8 lesson course with one 90 minute private Zoom lesson every week where you will:​

  • Learn how to write a song for your voice.

  • Learn the "plug and play" formula of popular songs

  • Learn creative exercises to unlock your inner songwriter

  • Learn why "trying" to write a song is a disadvantaged way of doing it

  • Analyze your favorite songs to learn why you love them and how to do it yourself

  • Learn my songwriting method: Pure Creative Intuition followed with knowledgeable editing

  • Learn multiple songwriting methods to find what works best for you and get new inspiration

  • Go in-depth on Structure, Melody, Lyrics, Harmony, and Rhythm, and how to put it all together

You don't have to know how to play an instrument to take this course. But you do need access to a keyboard or virtual keyboard and a way to record your music. With basic chord instruction you'll receive in class, you'll be well on your way to writing songs you can feel proud to share.

Self Investment: $600/mo. x 2 = $1200


Fall in Love with Singing

Online lessons for the absolute beginner

The initial course is a 4 week program with one weekly 45 minute private Zoom lesson each week, after which you can take lessons on a weekly basis as desired.

In the first 4 Lessons you will:​

  • Learn what singing really is and start doing it.

  • Learn all about healthy and unhealthy vocal habits

  • Gain knowledge of vocal and body anatomy used in singing

  • Learn breathing exercises to set you up for success as a singer.

  • Learn beginning warm ups -- what they are for and how to do them.

  • ​Gain an understanding of your voice and build your confidence in using it.

  • Learn what it means to have a "living instrument" and how to take care of it.

Self Investment: $100/hr = $300


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