Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all your lessons online? 

A: Yes, I only teach online.

Q: What video chat service do you use for lessons?

A: I use Zoom because it has the best vocal quality of the ones I have looked into.

Q: Is Zoom free?

A: Yes!

Q: Do you offer a free first lesson?

A: No. But I have plenty of available lesson tidbits available on my instagram and on my youtube page. If you watch a couple of my videos, I think you'll get a good idea of what it is like to work with me. Please check out the feedback my students leave me on this site and on my Instagram. I also offer a free Zoom Info Session to prospective students.

Q: What is a "Zoom Info Session"?

A: This is a free 30 minute zoom video chat offered to anyone who is considering one of my courses and wants to learn more. I think it's best to talk face-to-face so you don't miss out on all those facial cues, and so you can ask all your questions at once and get immediate answers. It's a great way to get to know me and figure out if one of my courses is right for you.

Q: What is Musical-Life Coaching?

A: This is what I call the life coaching aspect to my courses. I take time in every lesson to go over anything in your life that is holding you back from growing in your musical life. Sometimes these are limiting beliefs that need to be challenged and changed, anxiety that needs to be managed with effective techniques, or encouragement when things feel more challenging than usual. 

Q: Are you a licensed counselor?

A: No. I do not have the proper training to be a therapist or counselor and if you ever need more than I can provide, I whole-heartedly encourage you to see one--I love mine! In fact, some of my students have found my program Discover & Love Your Vocals to work beautifully side by side with professional counseling.

I have learned a lot through college classes, self-help education and personal experiences, and time in therapy myself, so I have a lot of wisdom to share that my students have loved. But for the really big stuff, I would never want to take on something I'm not qualified to do--you deserve every bit of licensed professional's help when you need it.

Q: Will you be offering more classes?

A: If you have any ideas or suggestions of what you'd like to see me offer, please email me at and let me know your idea. I look forward to finding more ways to use my gifts and hard-earned wisdom to help others. 

Q: Do you always have openings for students?

A: Because it's just me and I invest so much time and energy to ensuring each student is getting the best from me, I only take on a few students at a time. Currently I am not teaching group classes, so the number of students I can take on is fairly small. Please email me at if you are thinking about taking a course and I can let you know what my availability is.

Questions about the Discover & Love Your Vocals -- Reclaim Your Voice Program

Q: Do I have to be a trained singer to take the Discover & Love Your Vocals course?

A: This course is specifically designed for those with a singing background, however, having been in choir or being self-taught is good enough. We will go over the basics in the beginning to make sure the foundations are solid or to fill in gaps as needed. 

Q: Is there an audition to get into your courses?

A: No. There is no audition process. My course, Discover & Love Your Vocals, is designed with a particular type of student in mind, however. Because it is all about making real change in your life, it's important that my students are ready to go on that adventure and put their time and energy into making these major transformations. That is partly what the free Zoom Info Session is for, to get to know one another and see if my course is a good fit for where you are and what you are looking for.

Q: How much of a time investment is the homework?

A: 30 minutes a day minimum practice time will give you results you can be proud of. Life comes up, and occasionally things get in the way, but if you can stick to at least 30 minutes a day on most  days, you'll be very happy with just how much you grow by the end of it all. 

Q: Can I practice more than that?

A: Yes! Absolutely! I encourage you to practice as long as it is healthy and fun! However, there is such a thing as too much practice and inefficient practice, and we'll go over all of that together to make sure you get the most out of your time and effort.

Q: Is the homework just singing practice?

A: No. There is also a little bit of reading to do, along with other writing and practical exercises to help you overcome personal challenges in thinking, increase your confidence, learn to conquer your anxiety, and more. Your progress and ultimate transformation comes down to how much time you put into integrating all the information I will give you. But don't worry, helping you process all this new info is built into the program and it is my job to lead you to success. ❤️ 

Questions about the Songwriting for Singers Workshop

Q: Is the songwriting workshop only for singers?

A: No. You don't have to be a singer to join the workshop and get a ton out of it. There is a small portion that specifically addresses how to write a song that makes your voice shine, but you can use that information in writing a song for any singer, especially if you have one in mind or that you work with.


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