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Student Reviews


"Thank you sooooooooooo much !!! ... It just feels great to have that guidance on how to get my voice back !!!"

- Jessica

"There is so much to say about Celeste as a coach and her "Fall in Love with Singing" program! She is extremely supportive, knowledgable, and resourceful. She took the time to explain very clearly what was going on in my throat, which made it way much easier for me to correct what was wrong. Whenever I was stuck, she changed tactics to find a better suited exercise and help me overcome my difficulties.

I am not a professional singer. In only 4 sessions she led me from "I terrible at singing" to a place where I know my voice and I feel confident using it whether talking or singing. I even breathe differently now. And that's for life. So thank you so much Celeste. Oh and one more thing: laughing and "shaking it out" and having fun, it was well ... fun to spend this time with her! "

- Julie

"I’ve completed the 12 week course of Discover and Love your Vocals with Celeste Astara and here’s my review! I absolutely encourage my singing friends to reach out to Celeste if you’re interested in voice lessons. You’ll get vocal coaching and so much more. Plan for the investment in yourself! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 

When I first started lessons with Celeste, my performance anxiety was out of control and I was struggling to enjoy singing. I hid behind silliness, thinking that if I made myself into a joke, no one could criticize me or laugh at me. ...

Celeste created a safe space that allowed me to fully realize the ingrained beliefs and practices that prevented me from creating the music I always dreamed of creating. What I perceived as limits of my ability were actually self-deprecating, inhibiting beliefs! ...

Celeste expanded my knowledge and practice of proper singing technique, and gave me tools to handle my performance anxiety. Combined, these lessons allow my instrument (my body!) to perform at its best, consistently. I can rely on my voice!


Celeste truly listened to what I expressed about my ability, and gently asked me to confront those statements when it was beneficial to do so. She was supportive, and didn’t allow me to be unfair or unkind to myself. Likewise, she didn’t allow me to lean on my crutch of silliness. ... I feel like my voice has been unchained! ... Now I can sing with confidence and be proud of every performance!

My experience with Celeste’s program has changed my life. I thought that I had lost my ability, and with it, my joy in singing. I have found it again! Thank you Celeste!"

- Carly

"I’m trying to put into words how meaningful and thankful I am to have this opportunity to work with Celeste. I love singing but before I started working with her I really had anxiety about singing in front of people and I didn’t enjoy it the way I used too. But now that’s changed. Celeste, with her encouragement, honesty and compassion has helped me get to the root of my fear and get back in touch with what I love to do: Sing. My roots now are grounded in strength and love for why I sang in the first place. Celeste is definitely a gift. She puts so much detail and care into every lesson I felt safe to sing from the moment I worked with her. I’m so thankful for the way she teaches. And that this is part of my journey to express myself. 💛💖"

- Loramae

"It is so exciting to be back in voice lessons, especially with such an amazing coach! ❤️ Normally, I would have sought out a classically trained singer because, with my background, someone "classically trained" is just the default choice. But I had a good feeling about Celeste's abilities and decided to try her out anyway. I now know more than ever that being "classically trained" is great but isn't everything. With Celeste, my singing improved in ways I was not at all expecting. There's an organic, balanced way that she approaches the voice that  was really good for me as a vocalist who had an almost overly-technical approach to singing. My focus on precise technique laid a strong foundation for me musically, but a hyperfocus on it held me back in ways I had never realized and that Celeste helped free me from. Her holistic approach to singing is nuanced and sophisticated, showing me how to unlock and explore aspects of my voice I literally did not know even existed. 

- Stacey

"Thank you so much Celeste 💙for an amazing 😉 first session & just lifting a weight off my shoulders and I don’t feel anxious or insecure 😟 about my voice anymore...instead I feel excited 😆 about singing 🎤 & confident about the sound of my voice 🎶 and thank you for being so supportive & encouraging the whole way through 🤩 it really meant a lot to me!!! You’re passion for singing 🎤 is outstanding & the love ❤️ you have for teaching female teenagers is spectacular & really inspires me and I loved your positivity & excitement about teaching & vocal lessons, that was awesome 😎 & you made the experience the highlight of my day ✨✨ I’m so looking forward to our next session & couldn’t be happier to have you guiding me along the way and as my vocal coach 💙 💕💕"

- Kayla

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